Monday, February 12, 2007

As Naked As It Gets

Due to the absence of readable material, I've resorted to porn on the internet recently. Needless to say, I'm totally disgusted.

I cant be bloody paying to watch New Paris Hilton Stolen Videos with my credit card. Or sneaking a peek at Hillary's boobs. What would my banker think?

"Good Evening, Mr Sicko. This is Aisyah from @#$% b..."
"The cheque is already in the banklah."
"Thanks you for the payment but this call is to confirm that an online transaction has been made using your card.'
"Mr Sicko, did you recently acquire som....."
"Yeslah! Yeslah!" *growls*
"Thank you for your confirmation. We'll be continue to monitor your transactions online and have earmarked those sites for our future references."


Looks like the alleged Britney Spears K-fed tapes may have finally leaked out. They should invest their millions in a better camera! Funny how a video surfaces a day after their divorce. Looks like Kevin is out for revenge! Its not conclusive but damn, if thats Britney she can really wax a pole! This is the sex scandal we've been waiting for. CLICK FOR MORE »


Must be the effing weather or something but I cant seem to find my stride coming into 2007.


[V]landa said...

*takut nak click the link*

yati said...

are you saying that my blog is getting boring? ni nak nangis ni... sedih

The Cat in a hat said...

I clicked. lol. Do you recall you introduced us to Well I checked it out once :)last year and there was a link that allowed you to watch sample tapes without paying etc. Not bad. Can't find it anymore :((.

That Keeley Hazel looks great huh.

Finally, hi to your avid readers here :)

Kop Trollop said...

Hi humsup. Where's the link to your home video?

princesswaffzonkle said...

damnit i also clicked on the link. nyesal.

sicko, go for a rejuvenating hol lah. get ur drive back.

Leen Ash Burn said...

But superficial or was it some other thrash mag said it wasn't Brits?

sic's ennui said...

lack of inspiration and aspiration.......some people are just not doing it for you.

GET A LIFELAA! You've been in that sicko rut wallowing too long. DULL!!!!!!

No strings attached said...


Cheers mate!

sicko said...

vlanda, i'm sure you did.

yati, u've a blog?! :D

the cat, yeah go tell everyone. really, porn is not my thing.

kop, you wanna see naked man blogging with a glass of wine eh?

princessbonkers, i'm sure it will return. with a Bang! :D

leen, i donch care as long as it looks like her. do you know that brits has no publicly released naked pics?

sic's ennui, ru my mudder in disguise?

no strings attached, with soda please. :D

sic's ennui said...

No offense to her. But you........

bunnywunny said...

*rolling on the floor and clutching aching sides*

Can it possibly be that bad? Porn sites? YOU????

Boy, truth is really stranger than fiction. But here, have a hanky ;-)

yati said...

i don't have a blog??!! *shock*

the only porn i entertain is Badly Dubbed Porn on Paramount channel, i think. try it... you might like it ;-)

Leen Ash Burn said...

Oh by the way, I thought I saw your Stride galloping around in Bangsar. Happy hours, I heard him muttering.

sicko said...

sic's ennui, me? i'm not offended. :D

bunnywunny, i dont usually do porn. i was just scouring the net looking for Scarlett. She's hot.

yati, its a secret i thought. lol.

leen, stride is usually entrenched at the bar. :D

Keropok said...

Go to la. Lots of free videos to stream.

Like this must pay la, bro!

pugly said...

I thought you get your kicks for free by looking at your nekkid self in the mirror ;-P

sicko said...

keropok, britney is a man? haha.

pugly, the mirror lies! i only like looking at the bare truth.

yati said...

of course it is. and i'm terrible at keeping my secrets... glad you're better at it :-p