Thursday, February 15, 2007


There is a common literary theme throughout history - a main character has his or her long held perception of reality and truth torn asunder, when a key moment or critical event reveals the falsehood of the previously held truth.
Truth should perhaps be defined as integrity and not a statement of fact. The world was once flat and doesnt mean it is round as we know today.
This blog is tempered that the melange of emotions inflicted on the writer is unknown to the public. So be it. On the internet, noone knows that you're a dog.

Happy Chinese New Year!


danyanova said...

Dogs, I like :) The animal, the position, what have you...

The world is flat; but you don't want to go around painting it.

Scattered? Very.

yati said...

happy chinese new year!!

and the truth is out there!

Anonymous said...

Thats the beauty of the internet.

You having an open house or not? Am scouting for open houses at KL to bring my little ones, so they can collect ang paus (to pay for the KL trip!)


lilyliverbird said...

Modern Chinese Proverb:
Half-truth told is gossip spread

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Leng Chai :*
(Hulur tangan mintak ang pow:D)

pugly said...

Aarf! Woof! Grrr!

Then again, on & offline, people already know I'm a major bitch :-)

dilettantep said...

My dear,

Truth is subjective these days. Dun u think?

Oh Really? said...

But the world IS round!

And we know this because no one has fallen of the egde, and because the Researchers & Scientists have gone through great pains to EXPLAIN & PROVE this.

"Truth should perhaps be defined as integrity and not a statement of fact"

I beg to differ.

True statements of facts defined integrity

You a Dog? We thought you're a PIG!

Then this is your year, man! OINK! OINK!

anttyk said...

No one will ever know or fully understand the fucked up things we go through as individuals.

Happy New Year sic... May this year bring you more drinking, eating and making merry. :p

sicko said...

danyanova, i prefer horses. :D you implying i'm a scatter brain?

yati, thanks and the truth as we perceive it to be is always there.

vic, you doing a maddie? if you bring your kids when we binge drink, they will be rewarded. :))

lils, sicko proverb: gossip spread must have some element of truth. i'll give angpow but not teddy bear.

sicko said...

pugly, but something tells me you're really sweet behind that bitchiness. thats the honest truth.

dilettantep, truth is never subjective, only the facts are.

oh really? noone has fallen off because the world has NOT ended. True statements are usually the confirmation of facts by various sources until proven wrong. Bah!I'm sheepish. :)

anttyk, its tough being a barcode fan. happy new year!

yati said...

got a chinese new year drawing for you on my 'non-existing' blog *grin*

waffles said...

gong xi uncle sicko

truth embroiderer said...

"On the internet, noone knows that you're a dog."

In my case, everyone who comes in contact with me online knows I am a biatch through and through. And proud of it too. Bwahaha

Got bring back extra key-chain souvenir or not? :D

Yng Lyn said...

I am actually a man.


me said...

yati, you so talented. can cook somemore. :D

waffles, ahem, i'm but just a FEW years older, auntie.

truth embroider, i would have brought back a temple. key chains are so 70s.

yng lyn, you're a man-eaterlah. :D

Anonymous said...

update, bang..updattteeee!

MsJ - Inconditus