Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bad Hair Day!

I had trouble disciplining my hair this morning.
It took a slab of hair cream to keep the unkempt bits in check.
The slick mop of hair was environmentally hazardous
that I chose to walk in shaded areas and dark alleyways.

I visited the toilet to wash off the oil.
The only thing I got cleaned,
was my shirt which was truly drenched.
"You should have towelled it off, Einstein!"

Someone commented that my face looked bigger.
As always, I said its a bad hair day.
Honestly, my weight correlates with the fickleness of my hair.
Please see me next week, I would have lenghtened by then.

Comeon its a Bad Hair Day! What do you expect?


madnoh said...

I'm just happy I still have hair. You know what they say: Hair today, gone tomorrow.

yati said...

BHD??!! i'm imagining that you have hair like fabio now *grin*

princesswaffzonkle said...

short hair also problem ke? i get u songkok ok.

lilyliverbird said...

is that you sicko? can't recognise you with your clothes on.

[V]landa said...

Next time don't cut it too short Pixie boy!

Btw, I think that the Alfalfa bit of hair looks charming :)

anttyk said...

Well, at least you've got hair.

a babe with bullfrog in her throat said...

rambut yg kat mana ni?

sic6sense said...

maddie, sometimes no hair is better than little hair.

yati, but unlike fabio, i wash my hair. (who is he btw, he sounds filthy)

princesswonky, short hair cant be styled. :p

lilybird, you must be traumatized.

vlanda, thanks! yeah,dat patch of grass is funny at times.

anttyk, at least you got some. :D

the babe, rambut yang kat telinga. :p

yati said...

you obviously didn't read enough romance novels in the 80's. this is fabio

TTG said...

You actually have hair ke? ;P *Sorry...too much of Greek stuff* :D

sic6sense said...

yati, you think it would be obvious that i would read fabio?? well i read deep throat. :p

ttg, not as much as fabio but cleaner.