Thursday, August 17, 2006

Breath of A Blogger

There's so much media coverage on blogging these days that a blogger must be quite important . I noticed that bloggers have ceased to exist as people too. I've seen some declaration by ex-people who proudly announce that "I'm a blogger".

But I think its a secret society run by real people. They have all these clandestine meetings at fast food outlets where they meet and exchange photos. Conversation and common interests are secondary as long as you're a blogger.

There are benefits though. It gives you a job until you get a real one, hence, you can say "I'm a blogger". Your parents dont have to dodge the subject of your employment at family gatherings.

That is unless you're me. My business associates have heard about my blog which I vehemently deny. They think its a political blog which provides the occasional social commentary. Real people are so gullible.

I'm really confused though. Shouldnt blogging the activity be as intuitive as walking or watching CSI? Maybe I should glorify breathing then. "I Breathe, therefore I'm a Breather."

I like that. Everyone needs a breather.


tigerjoe said...

Some people call me a useless fucker; I take offence at being referred to as useless.

Other people call me a greedy fucker; without realising how many ways that accusation holds water.

lilyliverbird said...

since you said i'm cuckoo, can i go around telling people i'm a cooker?

vic said...

I suck, therefore i am a sucker? Part of the suckers. (Same with fuck).

I chat in online chats, therefore i am a chatter, part of the chat community. We used to meet wherever convenient. Drink, grope, and make fun of others.

I blog, therefore i am a blogger. (Over-glorified term for someone who writes or keeps an online diary or journal).

But what you type online, could be read by so many others, days or months after youve written them.

As for this blog, whats the marketing effort to increase traffic? Am surprised, very surprised that more arent coming this way, considering its a good place to sit back, and and forget about the ills of the world. Put a site meter or some stuff up lah, to see who and how many comes this way.

Anonymous said...

Clandestine meets, indeed! Seems to be the most convenient way to get laid too from what I gather???

blogger, breather and fucker.......

madnoh said...

I do projects, therefore I'm a projector.

sic6sense said...

tiger, you're a fuck all. :D

lils, i suppose 'kuku' bird doesnt sound too right.

vic, your're a suck-her. As far as traffic is concerned, despite extensive prospecting, sales conversion has been slow. Not everyone can drive a Ferrari. As for site meters, like I said previously, i dont need it to tell me I'm my biggest fan. :))

anonymous, you annoy thats why you're anonymous? :D. Its wise to get laid under covers.

maddie, you're larger than life. So when're projecting yourself over for some debauchery?

The Squatter said...

Bloggers are weirdos. Never met anyone as delusional as this lot.

20 fellow bloggers visiting their site 8 times a day and they think they have a freakin audience.

Who the hell cares if you cycle up a fuckin molehill and got cramps. Bloody pussy...

Or your boss giving u a hard time coz you are a lazy Bumi. Or u cant get laid coz u losing hair.

I loathe bloggers as much as I loathe Scousers.

Rafa, I hetchuuuuuuu.

Din said...

Exaxctly. One day I am going to write about the same thing. Even dumber, some people who declare themselves as 'bloggers' who go to these fast food joints to take just photos and chat abt nothing else also have mentioned once or twice that '...bloggers should get together and presure the govt...', 'bloggers should get together and report to the media...'....etc.

They really suck.

tigerjoe said...

Din: You make a very good point. Bloggers should get together and organise a shagathon instead.

vic said...

And all the while i thought i was blogging to just put into words online my thoughts and occasionally vent my frustrations, as well as copy paste some good reading material. Audience? never crossed my mind to look for any, though did get the occasional acquaintance coming in with comments.

Must change strategy! Must blog with the objective of getting invited into shagathons! (Ed.: Reality check daaa. Go see yourself in a mirror and stop having delusional thoughts!)

Anonymous said...

Yea it would be. We know your modus operandi, darling!!!

sic6sense said...

this post is infested by ManU and Chelsea fans. must be lily's fault.

yeah, the cyclist climbing up the molehill was lame. i hear he's seeking refuge amongst some amazonian women.

A bloggers' shagathon would be similar to a circus. A tiger performing with the rest looking.

lilyliverbird said...

I hate scousers too. They never steal Moanrinho's hubcabs.

eyeris said...

Some people write, but don't blog.
Some people blog, but don't write.
me? I blog AND write, but don't give a damn about what I'm being called.

sic6sense said...

eyeris, at least you get paid for it.

honeydragon said...

I'm an anon blogger. I don't have many visitors - one a day at the most. It doesn't worry me.

What annoyed was when a famous
blogger-who was a friend told me that I should close my blog 'cos I don't have any visitors.

anttyk said...

I don't get much traffic as well. But I don't really mind. As long as I can make just 1 person smile, that makes my day.

Call me what you will.

yati said...

my blog is more like an on going letter to my little sister. so sometimes it's just her reading and commenting and that is fine by me as it's mission accomplished. and it has brought us closer. another mission accomplished.

drama mama said...

I write in a self-absorbed online journal, so does that make me an self-bsorbed online journalist? :P

sic6sense said...

honeydragon, popularity? its glory's small change. (Victor Hugo).

anttyk, maybe they cant pronounced your name. you're right that as long as it makes one person smile; yourself.

yati, that's sweet. I dont talk to my sister let alone write to her. :D

dramamama, that makes you an absorber.

Anonymous said...

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