Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Some SICism

The perennial battle of the sexes is not one that concerns this blog as;

the writer is not representative of the average male. *coughs*
a debate is about conflicting views. There is no meeting of minds, let alone outcome.

Although, according to Sicism;

Its clear to see if one can see clearly,
That our differences are to be celebrated,
In spite of them.

Amen-d to that.


finally seeing the light said...

Hear, hear...

(Can't believe I actually deciphered this one out..)

lilyliverbird said...

It's not the meeting of minds that I'm worried about :p

The Squatter said...

written by a dyke or a bitter chick who cant get laid.

lilyliverbird said...

Thanks so much Pseudo. Very manly of you.

sic6sense said...

its gratifying when someone understands.:D

at first i wasnt sure who pseudo was referring to. he could be referring to both of us, lils. :p