Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Marked Man

I was 9 when I stopped being smart. Mrs Chan said nobody likes a Mr Know All. I decided to be cool.

So I became addicted to Ultraman.

I was 13 when I stopped crying. Wei Jin said that I must learn to hide my feelings. I learn too well.

So I dont sleep much.

I was 20 when I stopped asking for money. I told my dad I needed money for rent. He send a cheque for the exact amount.

So I didnt eat much.

I was 29 for a long time. Some thirty year old said life starts at 30. But I enjoyed my 29s.

So I grew other ways.

I was 32 when I started my own business. An old man said you'll succeed if you believe in the struggle.

So I sold the business.

I am today for what I could never be if I was what I could be.


Anonymous said...

Totally lost and void of feelings.

lilyliverbird said...

So at what age did you start losing it?

Desparil said...

i'm still undecided on whether this is some precious words of wisdom or just a big dollop of BS.

carry on, though. carry on.

windy ride said...

procloclavity .. proflicicacy .. provolicacy, prollifica .. oooh close close .. .proclificacy .. profonducity ... i need to practise. help me untwist my tongue.

thinktankgal said...

Yep...same Q with what age? ;)

But life begins in 40 though!

lilyliverbird said...

p/s: I meant your sanity, just in the unlikely case you can't decipher me :p

Ms J said...

...and I want to know at what age you lose your virginity?

love this Barbra Streisand (BS) posting. god enough to go on a Hallmark card.

sic6sense said...

you cant be totally lost if you found this blog. how does one lose something that was never there? this post is neither wise nor bull. its just a story that may be worth something to someone or it may not. but it meant something to me, importantly. you naughty little minx, i'll untwist your tongue with my forked one. but i'm not 40 yet..heh! i've always been sane. the rest of you're not. virginity as in sexual penetration, i assume. i cant say because its not legal. you're surely pulling my leg about hallmark!!what would your kids and parents think?

Anonymous said...

Parts of it are very Mitch Albom-ish... but that last part... TRUE El Sicko.

Pass the Nurofen please...


UNpinned-down-able yet Decipherable :P

Anonymous said...

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