Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Drive me, silly!

I'm monosyllabic at best with my driver. Even that, he doesnt quite get it at times.

The other day, perhaps I looked tranquilized from a heady mixture of multiple spirits, he capitalized on my fragile state and braved a question.

"Boss, I need to talk to you about something."


"Boss, I've got a problem. It concerns my manhood."

*feigns interest*

"I need your help."


"I mean I've a problem performing."

At this point, I had to show some compassion. Afterall, my life is in his hands, literally.

"You mean after 2 kids, you're still doing it? Thought old married couples dont do it after a while. You can tell me the truth."


"Boss, I love my wife and I.."

"So with your wife you cannot perform but with others you can?"

"Nooooo Boss!"

"Get new wife then."

"Nevermindlah, boss. Thanks."


I had to draw the line, unfortunately. I could have opened a catalogue of other problems if I had offered help.

Today, I still wonder why he thought I could.



Anonymous said...

because you're a rampant fornicator!
who else could he ask but the master fuck himself?

madnoh said...

Haiya, give him some of your little blue pills lah. Sounds like the old knight couldn't lift his lance at the joust.

DilettanteP said...

Well, I seem to learn a new thing each day...

Didn't know you have a driver...;)

lilyliverbird said...

errr..this blue pills you seem to have in abundance, would that be viagra or valium :p

sic6sense said...

annoy, bugger you!

maddie, dont talk to your junior like dat. it reflects badly on you.

dilettantep, yeah. thought of changing it to the new Taylor Made. It drives longer.

lils, the only thing i pop are cherries. :D

xaviera hollander said...

You just give off that... vibe, that's prolly why he asked you.

Imagine that... you, the male version of Dr. Ruth.


tigerjoe said...

You should have let him ask his question properly.

He prolly wanted to know which masseuse offers the best extras at your regular spa. LOL

Anonymous said...

I know you really want to. ;)

[Is]landa said...

because u have that "ypu-can-tell-me-anything" face, that's why.

anttyk said...

Aiyo boss... Be a bit kind to your driver la. Kesian the fella. Imagine, asking your boss about something so personal, sure isn't easy.

I'd give him points for plucking up the courage to ask.

sic6sense said...

hollander, at least she's prettier than Dr Phil.:p

thai girl, I should have given your number to him. can introduce him to your senior citizen friend.

annoy, :P:D!

islander, damn! and i thot i had bedroom eyes.

anttyk, it was one of my better days. *grunt*

thinktankgal said...

Waaahhh got driver and got access to blue pill summore....big kahuna lah you ;)

vic said...

Cant resist the urge to ask. So, whats your secret? On second thots, we'll talk it over drinks someday!

And yes, never get buddy2 with your driver. Drawing the line was a good idea. Had it continued, he probably would have asked about positions and further tips.

sic6sense said...

ttg, hehe..you're rite about the big kahuna part.(dreaming)

vic, yeah man. about time we catch up. Exactly about the driver. A lot dont realise but they are normally the weakest link.

princesswaffzonkle said...

can i drive you?

yati said...


[Is]landa said...

i cant believe still no update!!!!

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