Monday, August 07, 2006

Pointless Political Post

Its not often you get an eclectic collection of politicans, pensioners and poets in a room. The ostracized politicans from Mahathir's regime namely, Tun Musa and Datuk Seri Anwar, shared private and long exchanges together oblivious to the observant crowd. Tun Salleh was consumed by the banquet and didnt offer fodder. He's no politican.

There were other Ministers past and present. Together with both the bekas DPM, they were charm personified. Only politicans shake ALL hands and laugh at ALL jokes. The lobbyists and moneyed are no better when in their company.

I had a good laugh too. At everyone including myself.

In most armies of the world, sex is repressed so that the soldier becomes very dangerous. He wants to hit hard, he wants to be violent. The American soldiers are allowed some sexual outlet to the extent that their potency at warfare is affected. Its been reported that at least 30% of the soldiers do not use their weapons. A sexually satisfied person is not really interested in killing.

Its a strange fact that whenever a society has been affluent and sexually free, it was destroyed by poor, backward and repressive societies. That was the fate of the Greek and Roman empires. That is probably going to be the fate of the Americans.

There's probably no correlation on the above to the ongoing Middle East crisis or the domestic dispute. It makes nice conversation when talking to politicans. Totally screws them up.


Ms J said...

uh..i luvit when u talk shit, sic6sence! does it turn on the politicians too? heh

tigerjoe said...

...whenever a society has been affluent and sexually free, it was destroyed by poor, backward and repressive societies.

That doesn't quite explain the fall of communism, Bro. Unless the principles of SICism infers that the communists screwed themselves, like a bunch of wankers.

I didn't even mean the pun.

The Piquant Asamboey said...

When I don't get enough sex.. I want to hit hard (and BE 'hit' even harrrderr) and be violent too... so there is truth in what you write. :D =))

P/S: And no.. I didn't bring the 'crowd' in.. (c.f. previous comment box. Chaihh!)

lilyliverbird said...

Would socialism mean all the rich guys can shag me while I shag their drivers? Bring it on then.

sic6sense said...

inconditus, yes i do get away it. who cares about the others as long as it turns me on. :D

tiger, you're right my learned friend. some call it a wank, i call it an implosion. The communist state anyway.

asamboey, i knew it made sense to you although i suspect you want it regularly hard.

lils, there are no rich guys in the purest form of socialism. So you shag witn no fear nor favour.

the insatiable asamboey said...

HAHAHAHA And wot's wrong with wanting it regularly hard then? =))

sic6sense said...

asamboey, i guess you're not one for irregular sex.

The Squatter said...

You make a very effective machine gunner then... heh...

Anonymous said...

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