Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hour of Need

Parting is difficult when you've emotionally invested. The decision is for the better as I've neglected and have spent too much time away from an obsession that once consumed me. As the strain of this is starting to fray the delicate quilt that is one's passion, I have gone back to look at where I started, why I created this, how far I have come.

Collecting fine watches demands time and finances. I started young and have always restructured and freshened up the collection when appropriate. I had a plan in 2000 where my target was to collect a variety of horological complications from innovative watchmakers on the verge of becoming mainstream and selective pieces from the established watchmakers. Each piece invested must also have a story to it. It should reflect a particular milestone, mood and event that marked that purchase.

Then something changed. I became fascinated with stories untold. An old vintage watch makes you dreamy and leaves plenty to the imagination. A fighter pilot's watch, circa 1940s, casts me away to Europe during wartime and the intensity of a fleeting encounter across the room at the Moulin. An old Patek would tell you a story of a generation of wealth to the generation that squandered it, as tin lost its metal.

The transaction was easy. My prices were met although I was hesitant. But I needed to break away from the things that once defined me; starting with my watches.

A little about the watches I sold:

Lange 1 Moonphase

I was intrigued with the history of Lange. A German watchmaker who shutdown during the war and reopened in the 1990s. Lange 1 changed a stuffy industry dominated by Swiss watchmakers. The design was unconventional for its time and the quality of the craftmanship had no parallel. It won numerous awards and made collectors scour the industry for independant talents beyond the main houses.

I like Lange's innovativeness and its courage to disrupt markets. I was once that, I need to rediscover that.

FP Journe Octa Calendrier

FP Journe benefitted from the exposure of Lange. He's an independant French watchmaker residing in Geneva. He was the one I speculated on; the next big thing. He didnt disappoint. He's today feted by the industry and sets the benchmark for independants aiming to succeed. I wear the watch he wears and told him so in writing. He wrote back thanking me for my faith.

I took 6 months of research before buying this watch although I didnt exactly pay for it. It was in return for a favour. His business has since flourished.

I sold at the prices I bought. Perhaps, I could've done better but the watches are in good hands and he's wants to look at my other watches. Somehow, I think he wants to know my story.

Anyone keen on buying some cars?


drama mama said...

You got a Vanquish you want to part with?


Anonymous said...

I cant afford your watches but I would like to know your story. So how? ;)


The Squatter said...

no wonder u cant get laid. tukar hobby la woi...

Anonymous said...

Reinventing or redefining your life darling?

Get that car. One needs drama in one's life. Like all dramas it won't be without problems. Just depends how long the love lasts!

A thought, don't forget the last dragged on parting though.

sic6sense said...

dramarama, would you settle for a DB9? :D

deb, but can you afford the time to hear the story? or the cheaper alternative is to decipher the posts. :p

you dont get it, hobbies are meant for your own pleasurelah.

sic6sense said...

anon, its not a RE-anything but a new outlook. I'm going to be a reverse snob.

[Is]landa said...

tell me ur story

lilyliverbird said...

wind me good and see me go :D

drama mama said...
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drama mama said...

Only if it's a Volante... :P

MsMedusa said...

Sic, why is it thaat all the comments from your female fans here got sexual overtones? Btw, saw you picture recently at one of those magazines. You are looking absolutely gorgeous!! Perhaps that is why..

sic6sense said...

ylanda, my story has not ended.

lils, like a cuckoo clock?

dramabanana, a convertible in KL? that doesnt quite work if you're stuck alongside bus wilayah in traffic along Sultan Ismail.

missmed, you think so? somehow i think they are just being polite since they havent met me. have been quite a while since i appeared in any mags. probably an old event. thanks anyway. :)

MsMedusa said...

Sic, you're like good wine, better with age. So if that was an old picture, you must look heavenly now!..

dilettanteP said...

Didn't know you collect watches...

I'm a big fan of beautiful timepieces myself.

Anonymous said...

A snob all the same!

sic6sense said...

msmed, you just made my week but my head cant get through the door.

dilettantep, are you one for the mechanical marvel or object d'art? my view is that they are both the same.

anon, :p