Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Culture Boggles

Our values and culture have conveniently been made a scapegoat time and time again. What's so wrong when a disgrunted old man lashes out at the PM? Because our culture dictates we must not speak our minds when something's amiss?

Thats why I hate attending board meetings. Everyone's pussyfooting around and if they need to drive home a point, they take the scenic route. If we cant debate issues amongst ourselves, its unlikely that we'll thrive outside.

While hamstering on the treadmill, I took a curious glance at some programme called Akademi Fantasia (apparently its very popular :p). The Head of Costumes was defending the choices made for the participants. She also pointed out that none of the participants gave any feedback and accepted the views of the image consultant. That reminded me of some actress type I met a while back. She was going through an image transformation and was getting a new wardrobe and car to go with it. I always thought image was personality based.

On the positive note, I like this new development for the tourist industry. Our cities are dull. Many of you who have travelled and lived abroad would agree. I'm waiting for some sanctimonious nut to politicize this and deemed it culturally dangerous.

Maybe they are right, our culture is just too shallow, hence the reinforcements. And the self appointed enforcers.


The Squatter said...

We Malaysians are rude n shallow. I do not know where this delusional notion about us being polite/friendly comes from. We only know how to kiss gwailoh's arse due to our old colonial mentality. I have not met any more confuse n delusional bunch of people anywhere else. Okay maybe the Greeks.


lilyliverbird said...

The best culture comes from a tub of yoghurt.

10 old farts gathered around a round table talking poppycocks = bored meeting.

iconoclast said...

we are always afraid to speak truths. afraid of the repercussions. by pussyfooting we hope someone else will be brave enough to reveal truths and therefore not face the repercussions on our own. even when revealed we still to protect ourselves by weaving a further web of deceit. truth hurts.
with the new developments we would be able to booze away our cowardice, pride and self all the night long!
no hope for us.

this is way too serious for a friday and i'm off to forget my own cowardices, huge pride and lousy self at the rainforest music fest!

btw, its a wordplay on iconoclast. also, i berangan to be an icon and not just a lass.

suanie said...

hi! was it you on sat night at the wedding dinner?

the itinerant said...

Everyone's pussyfooting around and if they need to drive home a point, they take the scenic route...

Hear, hear... can't agree more. Why can't Malaysians just learn to call a spade a spade and bleddy get on with it. All this beralas crap really gets on my tits.

Ehh.. you hamster on treadmill too these days? Wot happened to CARRYING your clubs over 18 holes? :D

(BTW, I've MOVED again! :P)

sic6sense said...

damn, everyone's off to the rainforest. I hope it farking rains everyday! (just trying to be a malaysian)

yeah, i was at a wedding last nite :D

On xcersing, gave up carrying my golf bag long time ago,i've decided to be more 'corporate'. (caddy and buggy no less)