Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dirty Martini

Golf is brutal enough playing under the sweltering heat and 3 abusive opponents. Its a frigging nightmare when your body is still purging from excessive alcohol bingeing the night before. I didnt risk any squatting posture, so how to read the putts?

Mr PM arrived back from Perth last night to a crowd of 2,000 of which half were kids and the other half were their mums and some lowly politicans. The bet is that when the ex PM arrives from Turkey shortly, there would be at least 10,000 people.

Read into it as you please but I see a lot of headless people running around looking for a clue.

I prefer mine stirred AND shaken. Served from afar.


lilyliverbird said...

Golf??? Golf???? And I came here to be entertained. Sigh.

[Is]landa said...

crushed apple, please.

loose impediment said...

So how many mulligans did you end up taking? :D

sic6sense said...

lilybirdie, I go to your blog to be entertained. You only come here if you're suffering from constipation.

ylanda, pussy drink. you macho mah.

loose, not a chance with 3 abusive opponents. Surprisingly, I played well enough to keep my pants on.