Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Louis Armstrong is Right

Just had grilled beef with kimchi at the neighbourhood Korean restaurant. While waiting for the food, I had a bottle of Heineken and some Japanese sake served by a delectable Filipino. She thought I might like to watch some old Wacko Jacko concert on the dvd. I didnt want to be rude, so I appeared Thriller.

While we go about our daily business, we get further entrenched into a cosmopolitan environment. Even the local monkey knows his kampachi from ikan terubuk.

Little amazes us these days. That is, until we meet a Chinese Mickey Mouse.

Its a sacrilege that individuality and intellectual properties can sometimes be forsaken for cultural and social integration.

* HK Disneyland is strange but I cant imagine Winter Wonderland in the tropics of Johor. Project still on ke? Or do we need to trade sand for snow now?


[Is]landa said...

I still find the chinese Ronald Mcdonald, disturbing.

thinktankgal said...

He!he!he! this is good..I can't imagine Malay Mickey Mouse doing the Dondang Sayang....or singing "is the small world after all" in Malay....:P

princesswaffzonkle said...

Mickey Mouse in Baju Melayu Cekak Musang, songkok, full sampin songket.

*glazed eyes*

sic6sense said...

kinda strange isnt it? when you have Ronalds and Mickeys in different shades, you tend NOT to identify with any.

tigerjoe said...

Screw Disneyland JB; if there's going to be a theme park I'd rather we use Mat Kool and the Paddle Pop Lion as mascots. It would be so much better than having an ah beng / jawa / macha-fied Mickey Mouse blaring over a mike: "Are you enjoy?"

We could call our theme park Bubble Gummer Land, and have that annoying 80s advert jingle of the same brand playing 24/7.


Leen Ash Burn said...

I remember that jingle! Hey kawan-kawan mareyla rasa kiki bubble gum baruuu wah enaknya rasa buah-buahaan kiki bubble gum! (I think I missed a line)

tigerjoe said...

leen: I meant the kiddie shoes, not kiki bubble gum.

sic6sense said...

tiger,leen... oldies. :D

lilyliverbird said...

M.I.C see you real soon
K.E.Y why, because we love

Mickey Mouse Club
Mickey Mouse Club

he he he

[Is]landa said...

updatelah, pakcik!
ps: i miss u

sic6sense said...

lily, i still have nightmares about the song till today.

ylanda islander, wow..i didnt know my posts had such an effect on you. :p

Anonymous said...

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