Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Eyes Wide Shut

A documentary has been released to cloud the evidence of September 11. If I say "conspiracy", you would say "theory". This predictable behavioral pattern is formed through years of cultural and political propaganda. Of course, being Supersic, I see things differently through my Xray vision contact lenses.

1.Marco Materazzi walked into the bald pate of Zidane. I can conclusively say that it was a chest thump and not a head butt.
2.My clone's (Superman) spandex busting crotch is the result of regular hernia operation. He's Harry Kewell in disguise.
3. Akadami Fantasia is not a talent show....... Ok that is OBVIOUS.

That was just some sampling of my ability to see beyond the fantasy. I really need to go take a pee at the ladies' now.


tigerjoe said...

I have one question: Why would anyone wear a belt with briefs? Yellow belt sumore.

Let's hear your theory on that one, Bro.

sic6sense said...

tiger,yellow belt with red briefs must mean Harry Kewell is Indian.

(ok bad joke!)

lilyliverbird said...

Not Indian lah..Cameroon last WC kit.

[Is]landa said...

oh how i miss your warped stories.

sic6sense said...

lilybirdie, Superman is Cameroonian then. effing brilliant, sherlock!

ylanda, welcome back islander!

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

red and yellow. two colours i used back in school whenever the art teacher wanted me to draw a poster.

i tagged you already.

peppe said...

da italian W materazzi zidane cullune