Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fussy Logic

The greatest of philosophers and mathematicians have spent their lives dispelling certainties in lives; including long held views on logic and science. Classical logic generally deduces from a series of co-related events whereas, movements like Surrealism, by nature defies logic; it subscribes to nothing.

So are you one who says Fuck it! Shit Happens! Damn Luckylar!?


One who doesn’t sleep at night?

A collector, through a middleperson, offered to buy one of my watches. The watch cost me a fortune a few years back. Its hardly worn, in mint condition and mostly forgotten. In addition, I've a dozen others which I regularly rotate. Although the offer was close to the purchase price, I couldnt part with the watch.


yet I cant sleep.


[Is]landa said...

im the type that says tahi berlaku.

the insomniac said...

I would say you are a Surrealist... :P

The Salvador Dali of M'sian blogdom, no less. :D

princesswaffzonkle said...

i dont sleep at night but when i do i get toilet flooded dreams. wots that abt.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

i can't sleep at night too. i have too much lust for Jasmine NRG pent up inside me.


The Squatter said...

watch collector? what a gay past time..

babe, pakai lah fleshlight.

The Squatter said...

orang yang menghadapi masalah tidur adalah orang yang tidak cukup orgasm.

adakah orgasm itu sejenis monyet? said...

If wot the velo-enthusiast says is true.. nampak gayanya I have to 'get me some'!


sic6sense said...

sometimes i go "hmmmm". Like now.